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Welcome to Enumerated Powers - assorted bits of history, conservatism, and whatever else comes to mind.




  • Some timeless Ronald Reagan...

  • Under God Indivisible Conference - 27 Aug 2012...

  • Uncommon Knowledge video archives at the Hoover Institute at Stanford University.

  • Who has been calling for Socialism / Marxism / redistribution...

    A video montage from their own words.

  • Hank Williams Jr "Keep The Change"...

    Get the MP3 here <== Right-click and "Save target as..." (MSIE) or "Save link as..." (FF, Chrome)
    ...and feel free to pass it around.




  • The revolutionaries stoking the fires of the "Occupy someCity" mini-Woodstock sleep-overs are actually serious about collapsing the system (whereas most of the kids hanging out are clueless "useful idiots"). Their handbook is The Coming Insurrection. It is a book infused with evil suggestions as to how to foment collapse, with a really naive simplistic view of the communistic utopia they imagine would follow.

  • Wisconsin Congressman (and former vice presidential candidate) Paul Ryan has been using this presentation since March of 2011 to persuade colleagues that dramatic action is needed to cut the deficit.

  • Amidst much Democratic talk of raising taxes on "the wealthiest Americans" to see that they "pay their fair share", let's see how much "the rich" are paying now. See this (interactive) chart, or these tables (both using data from the Internal Revenue Service).
  • National Debt Clock...

        Flash object courtesy Oddhammer.
        (Yikes! He had to update it to handle 14 digits over two years ago!)




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